Our very talented employees strive for high quality restoration work and finish off with beauty in their projects. We provide to our customers many services, which are listed below, but we are not limited to them. Our services include:

5200 Bottoms
For 5200 bottoms, we typically replace all ribs, chines, keel, and all bolts. We often use Okoume marine plywood for the inner planking and bed the outer planks in 3M 5200 Adhesive Caulk. All surfaces are coated with Smith's Clear Penetrating Epoxy System (C.P.E.S.). Finally, all the fasteners are silicon bronze for better corrosion resistance.

Spray Booth
Wooden Boat Restoration operates a 14' x 30' professional spray booth where we can spray all of our finishes. The advantage to our spray booth is our ability to spray varnish or paint faster than rolling or painting, which saves our customers money.

Engine Rebuilding
Not only do we specialize in wood work, but we can rebuild or repair your engine. Also, we can repower your boat with a V8 or a modern replacement engine.

Interior Work
If there's any interior work that needs to be performed on your boat, we'll be happy to restore it, refinish it, or make modifications. We can perform interior work on both cruisers and sailboats.

Full Restorations
Wooden Boat Restoration can and has done award winning restoration projects as well as customization to the owner's specifications. Not only can we restore wooden boats, but we restore classic and antique cars to be show winners.

If your boat requires chroming or rechroming, we can have the finest refinishers, who use the triple chrome process for both luster and durability.

Regular Maintenance
When it comes to boat maintenance, Wooden Boat Restoration can provide the best whether it's spring commissioning or winterizing.

At our facility, we may be able to provide room to properly store your boat. If it comes time for winter, we can safely winterize it for the season.

Vintage & Antique Auto Restoration
Yes! Wooden Boat Restoration works on more than just keels but also wheels. We certainly specialize in wooden boats, however, we also have a passion for old cars too. We can do both full mechanical, body, and electrical restortions and even utilize a rotisserie to our advantage.